Presidential election candidate's registration has been approved


Today, /May 17th/ the General Election Commission has held its meeting during which discussed and made a decision on whether to register the nominated candidate of Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party for Presidential Election of Mongolia 2017.

The General Election Commission of Mongolia registered Mr Sainkhuu Ganbaatar as the candidate for Presidential Election 2017 according to the clause 142.5, 142.6 of the Article 142 of the Law on Election, 7.4.4 of the Article 7 and 12.3 of the Article 12 of the Law on Central election body and has issued its resolution to give a candidate credential.

Moreover, the meeting has discussed the issue on the registration of Non Governmental Organizations, who shall oversee the election organization process and giving an accreditation to them. It has been decided to present the accreditation to the member organizations of the Network on civil society monitoring organizations on Free Election to oversee the Presidential election of Mongolia 2017. This network shall oversee/monitor the financing of the media and press, election automated system and an election campaign process.