Recent updates on the preparation for an election organization


The Press conference given on 13th February 2017 held at the GEC where officials were introduced preparation works that are related to the upcoming 2017 Presidential election organization.

The Action Plan and the Timeline on the organization of election are approved by the General Election Commission and all relevant dates and deadlines related to those activities are reflected in Election Law.

For instance, election precincts shall be established 120 days prior to the voting day, thus, soum and district Citizen Representative’s Hural will establish election precincts within this February and shall publicly announce with its territory and center. The maximum costs for each candidate to run for election campaign will be announced by the National Audit Office before 26th of February

The General Election Commission has been organized polling for voters residing in foreign country during 2012 and 2013 elections. Voters residing abroad shall cast their vote at respective Embassy or Diplomatic Missions of Mongolia. In this sense, Central Commission in charge of the organization of voters abroad will be established at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sub Commissions will be established at the Embassy/Diplomatic Missions of Mongolia.