Timeline on the organization of 2017 Presidential Election has been approved


The Timeline on the organization of 2017 Presidential Election and the Action Plan for the preparation work for this election have been approved during the General Election Commission’s regular meeting.
According to the Election Law, the Central Election Authority shall set and enforce the schedule of organizing the regular election activities.
Therefore, the activities such as to set the voting day, establishing of election precincts, tabulation of voters list, the nomination of candidates for President, registration process, campaigning, ballot papers, equipments delivery, voting process in abroad, election expenditure and reporting activities have been defined in Timeline with its respective provisions in Election Law.

The Action Plan for 2017 Presidential election includes following activities: to make a draft of an appropriate law in respect to the Preparation Plan; to determine population number and the voting age population size by 01 January of 2017; to draft the regulation, procedure, forms and samples, election committees and its composition; to make a survey on the number of voter that have been defined within their implementation, completion dates, organizations and officials responsible for an above mentioned activities.
Besides that, the Action Plan has been precisely determined the way how to realize the activities such as developing of documents that complies with election regulations, conduct of training, promotion, voter education and an automated election system.