The Citizen’s Representative’s Hural election of sum and district held on Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Yesterday, on 19th October 2016 the Citizen’s Representative’s Hural elections of sum and district held nationwide to elect the representatives for overall 7,299 seats in 21 provinces, 1,613 bags, and nine districts in the capital city.

In pursuant to the Law on Election of Mongolia the polling day announced as a public holiday and the polling stations were open from 7am to 10pm on Election Day.

The voter turnout reached 54.8% (1052410), which shows less activeness of the people who registered to vote (1.198.750) comparing to the voter turnout of the Parliament election held this year in June.    

A total of 15185 candidates competed for 7299 mandates, among them 14475 candidates were from nine political parties, one coalition and 710 were independent candidates.  

The gender proportion of the candidates nominated for the election of Citizen’s Representative’s Hural election shows 70, 2% (10655) of male and 29.8% (4530) of female candidates.

According to the voter turnout information and polling progress received from each Election Committees in sum and district the Chairman of the GEC has made press briefings at 13pm, 17pm and 22pm respectively on Election day.

Political parties and coalition running for Local Elections 2016 are as follows:


·         Mongolian People’s Party

·         Democratic Party

·         Civil Will Green Party

·         Mongolian Green Party

·         Republican Party

·         Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party

·         Motherland Party

·         Mongolian National Democratic Party

·         National Labor Party

·         “Tuv Nutag” Coalition of Democratic Party-Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party