Round table discussion of ICT international experts and election stakeholders


As the Council of the Member States Chair of International IDEA in 2016, Mongolia shared the experiences of introducing an election automated system for election process in Asian countries during Technical Tour organized by the International IDEA which consists of meetings with Electoral Management Bodies and series of Roundtable Discussions from 19-30 of September 2016.

The Chairman Mr Ch.Sodnomtseren received the delegates of International IDEA Mr.Adhy Aman and Mr. Peter Wolf on September 27th, expressing his willingness for further cooperation and wishing Roundtable discussion on ICT in Elections to be fruitful.

Round Table Discussion in Mongolia took place at the General Election Commission on September 28th where ICT experts and election related stakeholders from state authority, political parties and nongovernmental organizations gathered for exchanging their views and thoughts on present and future ICT usage in elections including comparison of international practices found in international IDEA’s knowledge resources.