GEC presented the Credentials to 498 candidates for the State Great Hural election 2016


On June 7, GEC handed over Credentials to the 498 candidates for the State Great Hural election which nominated from 12 parties and 3 coalitions including 69 independent candidates. However, there are 74 individuals submitted their applications 69 of them got the right to run for 37 constituencies in capital city and provinces.

Among above candidates, the largest number of the candidates is from the Democratic Party and the Mongolian People’s Party as nominated candidates to all 76 constituencies.  The Parties and Coalitions nominated candidates as per below:

·         Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party with 71 candidates;

·         ‘Sovereignty and Unity’ coalition of the Sovereignty and Unity Party and the Mongolian Green Party with 44 candidates;

·         The Republican Party with 36 candidates;

·         Civil Movement Party with 27 candidates;

·         Mongolian Conservative Party with 13 candidates;

·         Love the People Party with 13 candidates;

·         Mongolian Conservative United Party with 11 candidates;

·         Khaan songolt (King Choice) Coalition of the Development Program Party & the Mongolian Liberal Party, Freedom Realization Party & the Unified Coalition of the Patriots of the United Party of Patriots and the Khamug Mongol Labor Party with 9 candidates;

·         Democratic Movement Party with 3 candidates;

It is estimated that the 129 out of 498 are female candidates which is 25.9% of the total candidates. Among them 13 of them are women independent candidates.

There are 283 candidates will compete in Ulaanbaatar allocated constituencies whereas the number of competitors differs in each constituency from 4-5 mandates up to 14 mandates.