Symbol and flag of the General Election Commission

The symbol of the GEC was adopted in accordance with the resolution No.28 dated May 28th, 2001, which was created by the painter Mr V.Baatarchuluun.

The symbol of the General Election Commission expresses the vesting of all state powers in the people and continuity of statehood with the following items.

  1. Oval form: legally holding elections in electoral districts;
  2. State flag: the principle of holding universal, equal, free, and direct elections;
  3. Territory of Mongolia: holding elections in territories;
  4. Golden beams of the sun placed in the center: creation of the state by the Mongolian people through democratic elections;
  5. Golden soyombo: independence of the electoral authority , functioning to create the state and its activities;
  6. Lotus: wholehearted and fair participation of voters in elections.