Duties and Functions

The General Election Commission of Mongolia (GECM) is a central election body mandated to hold Mongolian Parliamentary (State Great Hural) election, Presidential election and referendums nationwide.


The GECM provides professional election management and methodological support for the preparation and organization of the elections of Citizens’ Representatives’ Hural.


The GECM performs its activity in impartial and independent manner and abides by the principle of rule of law, political neutrality, collective discussion, decision-making, transparency and fairness.


Initially, the Lower House (State Small Hural) of the Parliament created the General Election Commission of Mongolia consisting of 15 Commissioners by its resolution #18, dated April 10, 1992.

The State Great Hural appoints GECM for six years term consists of Chairman, General Secretary and commissioners.

Five Commissioners of the Commission are appointed by the Parliament as suggested by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on State Structure, two Commissioners are appointed as suggested by the President of Mongolia, and The remaining two Commissioners are appointed as suggested by the Supreme Court from amongst the civil servants for 6-years term.

As stated on the Law on “Civil Service” Chairman of GEC, secretary, special civil service position, and officials of GEC Administration works under the category of State Administration Officers, and also as stated on the Law on “Civil Service” and “Position to deny from being a Party member” while they are in the mentioned duty, they must deny from being a party member.

Since its establishment the GECM held 5 times of Parliamentary elections, 4 times of Presidential elections, and submitted the result to the State Great Hural, and GECM has also provided the elections preparation and organization with methodology and professional management

The State Great Hural has adopted the power of the GECM for the preparation and organization of the elections as stated in the Law of General Election Body of 2006.

General Election Commission Administration office has its Finance division, Legal division and Information, research and methodology division. The staffs in charge of election management, local areas, districts, legislation, supervision, information, publicity, research, foreign relations, archives, correspondence, and in house management perform their obligations at the office of the commission.