Chairman’s message

Since the establishment of the permanent and independent election organization in Mongolia over 20 years have passed.

Taking into consideration of the historical path on democratic elections that we have been through, the General Election Commission of Mongolia (GEC) defined its vision to improve the quality of democratic elections of Mongolia and to ensure its compliance with international standards.

These 20 years of path will occupy an important position in the state democratic election history of Mongolia.

Mongolian citizens freely elected the state legislative authority for 6 times, the head of the state for 5 times by active participation to all level of national and local elections.

The GEC is working on conducting fair and free election within the electoral legal framework, making them transparent, to provide possible conditions to ensure all citizen’s right to take part in governing of the country.

I would like to note that, the most important objectives of our Commission were the organization of elections in compliance with the democratic principles and norms, introduction of election reforms and the improvement of its legal environment.

The GECM is successfully implementing election reforms such as to improve legal environment, to ensure voting rights of citizens living abroad and disabled people and to introduce automated election systems.

Those reforms and experiences are highly recognized by international community. In the past, the function of election organization is constantly strengthened and its mandate and commitments have particularly confirmed its independence legally.

The participation and contribution of both civil society and media plays a significant role to conduct free and fair elections.

Our international cooperation has been expanded and we successfully implemented international projects and programs on conducting free and fair elections including enhancing voter’s education and voter’s awareness.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all people, partner organizations, colleagues and voters who work for all level election committees, providing assistance and cooperating with us on the organization of the elections.